Two Year Old Room

In our 2 year old room we take action by helping parents with toilet training.

Positive reinforcement is important at Happy Time, and initiate positive reinforcement to encourage children to use the restroom.

Age 2 is the prime age for learning vocabulary; Staff use a wide range of words to specify what they are talking about. Staff introduce new themes or topics of interest to provide wide range of new words. Staff ask many questions to encourage children to use language. Staff initiate conversation throughout the day, even during gross motor and fine motor play.

Appropriate books are present in the 2 year old room to help with expanding knowledge. Staff interact and read these books with the children daily. Children are encouraged to read the books independently. 

Art is an important part of your child’s day at Happy Time. In our Purple Room, free art is encouraged. Gross motor play is offered to children when going outside. Fine motor and sensory play is also very important to use at Happy Time.

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