Toddlers 1

12-18 Months

In the toddler room during pick up and drop off times staff will

greet parents and communicate about your child’s day. There will be written record of feeding, diapering and naps for parents to taken home. Parents can inform staff about child’s feeding routine to meet individual needs. Diapering is done every two hours, unless needed. 

Staff in the toddler room use a wide range of words by talking and communicating with the toddlers. Staff take part in verbal play, such as rhyming. Staff talk to infants about different topics, such as animals.

In the toddler room there is a book area where staff and children can read together in a comfortable area. Toys are rotated to provide variety to children. Musical toys and instruments are provided for free play. A block center is present in the classroom for STEM activities. Staff go outside with toddlers daily to stimulate a variety of large motor skills. Happy Time understands that sensory play is important for child development, a sensory table is accessible for children. 

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