3 Year Old

In the Green and Red Room students have a wide range of activities presented throughout the day. They follow a structured scheduled when going about these activities. Fine motor is important for child development, in the Green and Red Room fine motor activities are offered daily. An art activity related to the classroom week theme, but also free art is initiated. A group music activity is offered daily with the instruments in the classroom. Red and Green Room both have a block center, where children participate in STEM activity. A dramatic play center is offered, this includes many different costumes and dress up clothes for children. 

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is very important at Happy Time. Staff initiate activities for measuring, comparing or sorting using nature/science materials. Red and Green Room have plants present in the room, in which the children are responsible for caring for with the assistance from a teacher. Staff help children connect printed numbers or shape in the use of everyday environment. Appropriate use of technology is important at Happy Time. Red and Green Room have an IPad for learning and movement activities. 

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