Before and After School

Tilford Before and After School

During the school year, the before and after school program offers morning and afternoon care starting at 6 am and ending at 6 pm. During this time, snack is offered. During the summer Happy Time offers a summer program, with that breakfast, lunch and snack is offered to all that attend. 

During summer time, we plan fun trips and learning activities for the children. As we understand that summer is a fun and exciting time for each student and we would like to make it the best it can be. During field trips transportation by school bus is offered. 

We understand that even outside of school, learning social and educational skills are still important. As we encourage children to follow their passions by giving them the space and materials that they need. Staff at Happy Time follow the Social Thinking Curriculum. We also initiate STEM activities with building blocks, wind tunnels and light tables. 

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